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I have developed a smoking cessation program to help people quit and stay quit. The program consists of 3 sessions at $120/each. However, it is recommended that if you are a pack a day or more smoker that you first go to a session to cut back prior to engaging in the program. 


First  Session: In the first session we do not focus on quitting. We change the way you feel about smoking to empower yourself to quit without replacing the habit with food or anything else. After the first session, every cigarette you smoke will be a conscious choice. We celebrate all of the times you chose not to smoke and I encourage you to not be hard on yourself when/if you chose to. I just want you to take notice of what caused them to smoke. 


Second  Session: During the second session we work through any triggers or cravings that caused you to continue smoking after session 1 (if you did). 


Third Session: We use the third session to compound the suggestions and give the client tools for dealing with future cravings. There is a major focus on self-care, not replacing smoking with anything else, and stress reduction in all of the sessions.


Prior to the first session, I ask clients to remove one (1) noticeable cigarette from their daily routine. Examples include your first cigarette in the morning or a cigarette after a meal. Also, if you intend to have cigarettes on you at the time of the first session make sure they are a brand that is not "your brand" and commit to not purchasing or smoking your regular brand.

Smoking Cessation

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