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Blake's Birth Story

On March 29th I gave birth to a healthy beautiful boy Blake Daniel James Fisher 9lbs 6oz at 2:55pm. I was induced with synto around 1pm. I started off listening to my tracks but the surges came on REALLY harsh and fast. There wasn't much time in between to even catch my breath and I couldn't stay focused. When I was checked at 2:15 I was still 4cm and by 2:55 Blake was out and on my chest.

My body would just involuntary surge and all of the sudden he was on his way out, the doctor barely had time to get gloves on. In some ways I felt like I failed at HypnoBirthing, but at the same time I felt like a powerhouse at what my body could do.

I didn't have any tearing and I am home feeling like a million bucks!

Thank you for everything you did for Blake and I. I think the pre-prep was what hat him in the proper position and ready to come out that fast!

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