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Olivia’s Birth Story

My birth went SO well! My water released at 0230 and I went to the hospital to be checked around 0430 because I wasn’t really sure if it was my water or not. And then my midwife was like Greg needs to come now! (Ashley’s partner Greg was working his last shift in AB, before baby was set to arrive a month later). So luckily he was working nights and was awake to drive home!

My blood pressure was really high so they talked about inducing me but I wanted to wait and sure enough my body went into labor on it’s own! I started getting strong surges around 245 and Greg just got home around 3 so I called my midwife to meet at the hospital, and they sent me to the one side and checked me and I was 7cm so then they rushed me to delivery where I got to 10cm quickly and she was born by 530! It was a wild day hahaha!

I am so positive hypnobirthing helped a lot. Even though I screamed a lot I still did the breathing techniques, they were just much more vocal than I thought they would be and when I could feel her head I could really focus on the breathing part instead of “pushing”. My experience with hypnobirthing was beyond valuable! I truly believe it benefited me greatly in having a drug free birthing experience that I was fully present for. And Amanda is just such an incredible soul and amazing at what she does!


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